We have devised a strategic plan to acquire high-volume traffic sites with the aim of promoting our service, Lemono, to a vast number of users. Not only will these acquired sites serve as effective channels for driving traffic to Lemono, but they will also generate profits on their own.
To ensure a sustainable growth model, we have implemented a system where all profits from the acquired sites, after deducting expenses, will be directed back into our protocol. This will be accomplished through a combination of buybacks and liquidity add-ons, effectively channeling the earnings into the development and enhancement of Lemono.
By employing this approach, we create an appreciation model, ensuring that the acquired sites not only generate profits for themselves but also contribute to the overall growth and success of Lemono. This mutually beneficial relationship allows us to maximize the potential of our service while simultaneously expanding our user base.
Through the strategic acquisition of high-traffic sites, the utilization of profits for protocol development, and the implementation of a comprehensive appreciation model, we are confident in our ability to propel Lemono to new heights. Our focus remains on providing a superior user experience and continuously improving our service, and this acquisition strategy plays a crucial role in achieving those objectives.