Operation: 300

A data-driven marketing effort with the effect of a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to kickstart the journey.
Hype is created based upon one thing and one thing only.
Word of mouth.
Having influential individuals endorsing your products and the use of it, is one of the most powerful tools a business can use in regards of marketing. It's been like that since the dawn of collaborations between commercial brands and celebrities. But how does a new project reach the minds of a million people, when the budget can't handle a partnership with one of the best football players in the world to be an ambassador?

This is LEMONO

We are creating our own data-driven influencer army to take on the fight.
Instead of following the norm "Who is the single biggest influencer we can get within our budget to mention our project in a tweet or in a video" where all sorts of projects are waiting in line for them to be mentioned in a paid endorsement - we are doing it different. With more than 20 years of combined marketing experience within the team, we know how to build brands and market products. We have been advising companies with millions of users and app-installs. Get the right people, with the right audience to talk about your product. We are not a crypto project, we are a consumer service. When people are adopting the service, they will be adopting the crypto aspect as well. We are aiming for sustainability. Making it easy for the ordinary consumer to onboard the LEMONO universe through the services, and not be dependent solely of the token part.
The strategy We will map the entire social media space and find the 300 most influential micro-influencers within the category shopping combined with ecommerce and technology. The prospects will be based upon parameters such as: • Overall engagement rate • Video view to follower rate • Expected CPM (budget vs. impressions) When the beta product is available for public use - the entire army will launch their individual campaign all at once - given the following within their reach a feeling of mass endorsement of LEMONO. One endorsement does not make the cut. But 300 different endorsements will make you curious about what all the fuss is about, and make the consumer intrigued about the service. Instead of having 1 big influencer reach a couple of million users with little to no effect. We will have 300 influencers each reach around 50.000 users and collectively reaching more than a million unique users within the exact same category and niche audience to repeat the brand and message.