Marketing and commercial sites To ensure a steady stream of traffic for and our associated services, we will create a commercial site acting as our main marketing site on (domain name subject to change). On we will work intensely with search engine optimization, and rank high on organic search terms in Google like "brandname coupon", "brandname voucher", "brandname rebate" etc. This will allow us to tap directly into a high-intent search volume in the millions on a daily basis, from where the traffic and exposure is free. The consumer will enter the site to check out available vouchers, for the given vendor they searched for on Google, Bing etc. Once on the site, we will prompt the user to enter the world of LEMONO through to gain access for the given partner and all of their vouchers/coupons.

Even if the vendor does not have an active voucher or coupon, the consumer will be able to gain LEMONO tokens from their purchase, and they will therefore still be inclined to use the services we provide.

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