How will the protocol and its users earn money

The protocol earns money whenever a consumer is using our extension or app, to purchase items through a Lemono partner. The Lemono partners can be individual businesses, or businesses that are part of a larger affiliate network, to enable a large scale operation from day one.

The Lemono partner will pay a commission fee each time a Lemono user visits the partner website and buys anything. When loading the extension to see active deals and coupons, we will automatically track the purchase and get a commission for the sale.

The commission rate is typically within the span of 4-15%, depending on the industry and the size of the business. With an average of just $100,000 daily purchases from Lemono partners, the protocol could see daily buy-backs of possible $5,000.

The Lemono token and buy-backs

The smart contract of Lemono will be handling all transactions automatically. If a Lemono partner provides a commission of 10% on a purchase. Purchase of $250 (example) Lemono commission of the $250 = $25 (10%) Lemono protocol Lemono buy-back for reward tokens = $12.50 (50% of commission) (5% total cash back) - Lemono token forwarded lemon NFT holder = $12.50 (50%) Lemono company revenue = $12.50 (50%) (5% total cash back)

Profits from affiliate sites (acquisitions)

If we acquire a website with 500,000 monthly visitors (for more information, please refer to acquisitions) and generate a monthly revenue of $15,000 USD, the net revenue (after deducting maintenance expenses) will be reinvested into the protocol through open market buy-backs. These buy-backs will be conducted by automated bot buys over a span of 30 days, ensuring protocol health and a consistent buy-pressure without providing strategic leverage for opportunists attempting to time the buying and selling process.

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