Lemono whitepaper

Consumer use case (B2C)

Online shopping just became better

Let's say you want to go shopping for some brand new clothes online.
You are now browsing a big fashion store, and the Lemono extension tells you that we are partnered with this shop.
After browsing for some time, your cart is now filled with a thousand dollars worth of items.
Now you want to checkout, and are loading the Lemono browser extension.
Lemono has a '5% off your total cart' deal with the shop.
You have now saved $50 off your total purchase using Lemono. But that is not all. Lemono is earning a referral commission (affiliate) from the purchase you are making. The shop gives 10% back to Lemono, as a commission fee for directing you as a customer to the store. Lemono will then direct 50% of the total commission to your Lemon wallet in LEMONO tokens.
This now means, that you have saved $50 AND earned an additional $47.50 paid out in the equivalent of LEMONO tokens.