Acquisitions of competitors and high-volume traffic sites We will buy up high-volume traffic websites, targeting the same audience as These websites typically already makes a profit from affiliate commissions when the user is redirected to the given vendor. We will use these websites to gain exposure towards an active spending audience, prompting them to use the LEMONO services and gain rewards when making online purchases. We are scouting for websites grossing from $1000 to $10000 a month. We will begin to forward half of monthly profits from that acquisition back into the protocol until the initial investment is recouped. Once the acquisition investment is fully recouped 80% profits will be routed back into the protocol with open market buy-backs.

See this example: A current market listing for a website with 100.000 monthly visitors states a monthly profit of $3000 at an asking price of $60,000. This makes it possible to pay back the acquisition in just 20 months given we just maintain status quo and doesn't gain further traction for the website. That's 100.000 website visitors looking for ecommerce deals we can put LEMONO in front of. Every. Single. Month.

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