Christian L. (CEO)
Christian is a former elite college football player (only the second european quarterback to receive a full-athletic scholarship), where he also studied a B.S. in Business Administration & Marketing.
After his athletic career, he promptly began his journey in a Nordic Fintech startup, quickly becoming a powerhouse in Scandinavia, managing a yearly marketing budget of +$5 million, where Christian, Michael and Allan also met each other.
Christian’s strengths especially lies within strategy and leadership, and while helping businesses scale as a consultant for the last 3 years, he acquired extensive experience within political campaigns, affiliate marketing, and all phases of the digital advertising landscape.
The past years Christian has fallen in love with the strengths and possibilities of DeFi, which notably solidified itself when entering an investor role in the crypto trading software Cyroinvest in 2022, with the CEO being a part of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority counsil of decentralized finance. Michael Pedersen (Chairman of the board and advisor) Michael is a 32-year-old entrepreneur with a remarkable entrepreneurial journey that began in 2014. As a part owner of IDEAL Ventures, a Danish-based conglomerate, he has played a pivotal role in the company's success. With a team of 40 employees and a projected revenue of nearly 10 million for the next accounting year, IDEAL Ventures has rapidly emerged as a prominent and influential player in the Danish market.
Within IDEAL Ventures, Michael oversees an impressive portfolio of businesses, including 1260, a digital agency founded in 2020, Bigum&Co, an esteemed education provider specializing in digital marketing established in 2012, HBA Business School, an accredited leadership education institution founded in 2023, Pixelmesh, a dynamic media company founded in 2019, and Detectly, a SaaS enterprise established in 2022.
Over the past decade, Michael has garnered recognition for his entrepreneurial achievements. He was previously nominated in the category "Daredevil of the Year" at IVÆKST prisen, an esteemed entrepreneur award show in Denmark held by Deloitte and Google, among others. This nomination highlights his fearless and innovative approach to business.
Throughout his career, Michael has worked as a consultant, providing invaluable digital strategy guidance to a diverse range of clients. He has collaborated with politicians, leading successful digital election campaigns, and helped companies, personally managing advertising spends of nearly $30,000,000 on social media. Notably, he has played an instrumental role in supporting multiple IPOs on the Nasdaq First North Exchange, including the highly successful listing of Astralis Group, by crafting effective digital strategies.
A fun fact about Michael is that his professional marketing journey began as an intern at Bigum&Co in 2012. Demonstrating his dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, he eventually acquired the company last year under the umbrella of IDEAL Ventures, showcasing his commitment to continuous growth and expansion.
Allan Stolc (Advisor) Allan is a seasoned professional with over a century of experience in affiliate marketing. As the driving force behind LEMONO, he leverages his extensive knowledge and industry contacts to make affiliate marketing the heart of the company's success.
In 2021, Allan demonstrated his expertise by selling his latest affiliate company to a VC-backed media company, showcasing his business acumen and the value he brings to the industry. Allan has forged strong partnerships with affiliate networks, from which LEMONO will benefit from.