Commissions gained from user purchases only (not including affiliate commissions from marketing or acquisitions)
218.8 million online shoppers in the US in 2023 spending an average of $5,381 per person (source and
Calculating how much the protocol will earn from commissions gained from user purchases with above number in mind.
As per the roadmap: 20,000 LEMONO users expected by the beginning of 2024. If we are able to match a fifth of all spending with an average paid out commission of 5%
(20,000 * $5,381) / 5 $21,524,000 total purchase value with possible cashback rewards from LEMONO. 5% equals to $1,076,200 going into the protocol through buy-backs each year.

What measures can be taken to prevent individuals from timing the buy-backs?

In order to deter traders from timing the buybacks, we have developed a bot that autonomously purchases LEMONO tokens from the open market through multiple transactions spread out over a period of 30 days. This approach guarantees a consistent buying pressure through capital injections.